First Prompt: What if you came across a magic gate?

@djeurope: This morning, in my garden, I had a conversation with a little bird.
He told me everything!



The Bench in the Field

Perhaps it is the lure of the strange sign that propels you. Perhaps it is the lone bench in the center of the wild flowered meadow. Or perhaps you just wanted to see where this direction would take you.



As you approach the worn wooden bench and equally weathered sign, a chickadee lands on the back of the bench and begins bee-baying. It watches as you get closer, then hops up onto the sign. The sign has a picture of wood pieces on it instead of words. The picture seems scrambled and missing a square piece. You touch the picture and you notice you can move its pieces.



Through the Gate

You try to unscramble it. As you do so, an image emerges of a round moongate set in a muraled wall. Through the moongate is a bright garden with twisting paths and zig-zagging hedges. Benches adorn the garden. On one of them sits a man sipping some clear beverage. He notices you and walks through the garden to the gate. He steps through and smiles.

With that you notice that the wall and moongate are standing in the middle of the meadow beside the weathered bench. The sign is gone. Through the gate is the garden; on the wall are hilly forests and fields; around both of them is the meadow.

Choices: What Beyond the Horizon

Which path do you explore? Which direction do you turn? Through the moongate? Into the muraled wall? Within the meadow? In another direction? Or beyond? What do you encounter?