The Write Group: Recruiting New Members

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I have had three deep passions throughout my life so far and the good fortune to experience them all. I love nature, so I became an ecologist. I love learning and passing on my passions, so I became a teacher. And I love storytelling and penning pictures in others’ minds, so I became a writer.

In a previous post, I discussed the change in teaching style when one engages with students outside of the lesson and in camps and clubs. About a month ago, I attended a Don’t Hibernate Fair in my town. This fair is designed to connect clubs and people. I attended a table and recruited new members into the Write Group.

This was an exhilarating experience for me. I have been in many clubs and organizations, but this was the first time I recruited new members to a club. I had thirteen people sign up and express keen interest. Best of all a few of these are students I sub.

Tonight is the first meeting of the Write Group this year. I am thrilled at meeting new faces and old and seeing more “foxes around a risen altar whisper and trade incantations from crinkled scrolls“.

4 thoughts on “The Write Group: Recruiting New Members

  1. Unfortunately, the first meeting of the Write Group did not unfold as I had hoped. Since it was the first meeting, many people forgot about it or had other engagements, unexpected company or family emergencies.

    Often is the case for first meetings. We’ll try again next month when our group will have Halloween stories and poems to scare each other with.

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