The Write Group

© Shawn Urban

Picture the purls penned on our paper.

And through the darkness they slip and slide
along old pathways worn far and long.
They move through shadows between dim lights
and enter boldly through locked doors.

Many a stranger, who dare disturb
the wisping, quillling lychnobioi,
find there quietly sleeking olden owls
in steep stairways and hidden chambers.

Up the attic they gather and hide,
foxes around the risen altar,
whispering, trading incantations
from crinkled scrolls pro- found words they read.

They walk the pattern and weave the life
of heroes, monsters far long away.
In deep sanctity purling riffles,
and joining as one in common task.

And strangers observe shut gates open,
and in hidden truth locked knowledge.
For in that attic the Write Group writes
and through the darkness they slip and slide.


8 thoughts on “The Write Group

  1. I love the words “Picture the purls penned on our paper”: along with your background purls.

    I picture the verse:
    “They walk the pattern and weave the life
    of heroes, monsters far long away.
    In deep sanctity purling riffles,
    and joining as one in common task.”

    This should invite anyone to write. Excuse me, I need to pen a poem…

    • Hi Sheri,

      Picture the purls penned on our paper is the (pending) slogan of the Write Group. I created it to entice and engage people looking for a writing club or venue in the town and county where I live. I am glad it invoked a desire in you to “pen a poem”. That is its purpose.

      I personally like the slogan’s alliteration, pun (purl for pearl) and synesthetic imagery that provoke curiosity about the slogan and Write Group. I am thrilled that you connected the purls (the murmur of ripples or the movement of such sounds and waves) with the curves and sweeps of my initials (STU) icon. I never made that connection. My blog’s background now appears different to me. I see a yellow beach with beige pebbles and lapping (which I hear) green water. That’s dynamic and spectacular.

      The verse you picked from my poem is my favourite in it too. I spent time playing with the associations of the words to allude to the acts of “mythical” creativity and collaboration and the Write Group slogan. I hope you are right about it inviting people to write.

      Thank you for your comment and compliments. As you likely noticed, I have neglected this blog in favor of my professional one. I never have forgotten about this blog though. My dreams are bigger than my written works.

      Take care,

  2. This was a surprise I didn’t expect from a #mathchat absence. And what a pleasant one it is, too.

    I wish you well on this endeavour.

    I leave you with these thoughts re: purl

    I see pearls
    I hear ripples
    I know knitting

    For what is writing but an attempt to capture perspectives and evoke perceptions….and emotions.

    • Malyn,

      I couldn’t agree more. I particularly like your last paragraph. What a great way to capsulize writing.

      I also love your response stanza. I myself paint (oils) and have contemplated posting a photo essay of the works I have done so far. My version of your response stanza would replace “I know knitting” with “I oil images”.

      It is great to engage in vastly different activities. They often complement and play off each other.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. I appreciate both actions.

      Knit me a tale of skeins and numbers and I will show you an image of geometry and games.


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