Merry Eve of Winter Solstice

Merry eve of Winter Solstice. And what a great time to begin a new blog. Not only is it the eve of Winter Solstice, but tonight the moon rises full in the sky and the Earth entirely eclipses it (over North America). NASA has offered a website to watch the eclipse, for those who are interested. And I plan to do so.



Now that is how one kicks off the Winter / Christmas / Hannukkah season. (Yes, I know Hannukkah is already passed, but I hope the sentiment still lingers.) So, before I forget, I wish one and all, of whatever religious or secular practice, throughout the networked world a very peaceful, joyful and wonderful season.

This is my inaugural blog on one of my favorite pastimes: writing. In this blog I will discuss writing in general, my writing in particular (with snippets and vignettes provided) and other writer’s blogs. I will also provide writing exercises and prompts for those who are inclined to write on the fly.

Since writing isn’t my only hobby, I might also include posts on oil painting and ecology or nature adventures, both of which are also pastimes I enjoy.

If you take a look at my second blog, Digital Substitute, which I am also beginning today, you will discover that I used to be an ecologist while now I am a teacher.

Digital Substitute is my professional blog; you can jump to it using the link I provided in my blogroll.

Thank you for visiting Stefras’ Bridge. I hope you enjoy my blog and visit regularly.

Truth be told, I hope to use this blog to also spur me on with my writing.

Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome to Stefras’ Bridge.

Updated: June 25, 2011.


5 thoughts on “Merry Eve of Winter Solstice

  1. Although I did not see the eclipse, I did see a spectacular site the following nite while driving from Nevada to northern CA. Although the night was quite cloudy, the moon appeared as a VERY bright halo in the sky for several hours—appeared to be a spotlight effect, something I have never seen before.

    • @Ralph

      Hi Uncle Ralph,

      Thank you for subscribing to my blog, Stefras’ Bridge, and commenting on my Merry Eve of Winter Solstice post. The moon you described sounds nice. We saw a similar sun with flanking sun dogs and a fan of light shining down below the sun yesterday. That was also rather unique, particularly given that it was a Solsice sun.

      As it turns out, I did not see the eclipsed full moon on the 20th since it was hidden above my house at the time. Too bad too since I stayed up to see it, the night was clear for the first time in a couple of weeks and the air was relatively warm, for an Alberta December.

      I also learned that the last time a full eclipse occured on a Winter Soltice was about 450 years ago. Galileo Galilei and William Shakespeare were five years old then!

      (I am not sure if the moon was full at that time. Perhaps some enterprising person on the Net could research and/or calculate that out though. Challenge. 😉 )

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